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  • Idioma: DANÉS
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  • ISBN: 9788743038412
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Title: Kurunchi Subtitle: A Spiritual Anthology including The Tale of Yasuke: The Black Samurai Kurunchi is the first part of a highly original anthology book of short stories with interconnecting ideas and characters. The style is based on Ancient Tamil Sangam Literature, taking into account Akam and Puram (the inside and outer fields which express inside emotion and talk about the beauty of location/country or setting) .The book also includes the tale of Yasuke. He was an African slave who was sold into slavery in the 16th century, moved to Japan and became a high ranking samurai. Other stories include : Waves from the South and Aappu and the Deformed Child which showcase historical Sri-Lanka and spiritual Hinduism.


  • 1000 / 1000